The Truth

Skydive Las Vegas has been in business since 1993 and is the original Las Vegas skydiving center specializing in first-time tandem jumpers. Over the past 23+ years, many skydive centers have come and gone but none have been able to even come close to the offering experience that Skydive Las Vegas does. We have endured the attacks, flat-out untruths and advertisement copying that some other skydive centers have done. We have added this page to try and clear up some of these untruths and misleading claims and explain to our customers why we are the best choice.

We understand that it can be very difficult to make your decision about where to skydive based on what you see on a website or hear on the phone (especially if you are being misled). We invite all of our prospective customers to visit our competitors and Skydive Las Vegas. If you do this, you will clearly see why we are the best choice and you will want to jump with us – hands down!

How high do you jump from?

Our competitor’s website states: “We will take you on the highest jump in Nevada. (Beware of gimmicks!)”

The truth is: Skydive Las Vegas jumps from as high as 15,000 feet above sea level (MSL) which is the highest you can jump from without oxygen. Since our airport elevation is 2201 feet above sea level, we actually jump from 12,799 feet above ground level (AGL). Our competitors also claim to jump from 15,000 feet above sea level (MSL), but their airport elevation is 2832 feet above sea level. So, even if they really do climb all the way up to 15,000 feet above sea level (see aircraft below), they are only jumping from 12,168 feet above ground level (AGL) which is 631 feet lower than at Skydive Las Vegas. Simply put, you get the highest jump at Skydive Las Vegas by over 600 feet!

What type of aircraft do you use?

Skydive Las Vegas operates a Pacific Aerospace P-750 XSTOL (aka PAC-750XL). This is the only airplane in the world that is designed for skydiving. It will carry up to 17 skydivers plus the pilot, so up to 7-8 tandem pairs can jump on each flight. It has a 750HP engine and is designed to climb very well with a heavy payload. This is very important for the hot days in Las Vegas when flying up to 15,000′. The PAC-750XL can carry in excess of 4000 pounds!

Our competitors are still using outdated airplanes that are at least 20 to 40 plus years old and carry fewer passengers and less weight! With less horsepower, their planes have difficulty reaching 15,000 feet if they can reach it at all. Their airplanes carry fewer passengers and cannot climb as fast as the PAC-750XL used by Skydive Las Vegas.

Skydive Las Vegas used to operate similar airplanes as its competitors, so we know how those planes perform. To better service our customers’ needs, Skydive Las Vegas upgraded to the worlds best skydiving aircraft: The PAC-750XL.

What kind of airplane would you prefer to jump out of? An airplane that is 20 to 40 plus years old or a newer airplane that is built specifically for skydiving? We know which one we want to jump from!

Where do we land?

Our competitor’s website states: “For obvious safety reasons our landing area is located a short but safe distance away from busy airport traffic.”

The truth is: The airport that the competitors operate from is owned by Clark County and Clark County Aviation will not let them land on airport property. There is not a skydive center in the world that would want to have to shuttle their customer back from a landing area that is located any distance at all from the airport.

When you jump with Skydive Las Vegas, you will land directly in front of our building at the airport making it easy for friends and family to watch. When you are done, you can simply walk straight inside our air-conditioned building without having to be shuttled back. In addition, we and others believe that landing at the airport is much safer because other aircraft can easily see you and other pilots know where we are jumping. If you jump with our competitors, you will land 5 miles away in the middle of the desert and have to be shuttled back from the landing area. This also makes it difficult if not impossible for any of your friends or family to watch you jump out of the airplane and land your parachute.

What can we see when we jump?

When you jump with Skydive Las Vegas you will be able to see: the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Valley of Fire, the Las Vegas Strip and Casinos, Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston and the Colorado River. Just check out the pictures on our web site. These are pictures taken of real customers with the actual view you will see.

If you jump with one of our competitors, you will not be able to see the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead or Valley of Fire. Skydive Las Vegas is the only skydiving center in the world with views of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Without a doubt, the best view is clearly with Skydive Las Vegas! You will be spending a lot of money, so don’t you want the best view?

What type of equipment do you use?

Our competitor’s website states: “We are proud to announce that we are the only drop zone in Nevada offering this. No other business uses this equipment because, quite simply, it is very expensive.” “No other drop zone in Nevada has invested in the New SIGMA system.”

The truth is: Skydive Las Vegas uses new Sigma Parachute Equipment. This includes Main Parachutes, Reserve Parachutes and Automatic Activation Devices РNOT JUST the Sigma Container. All of our equipment currently in use is approximately one year old or less. We continually cycle out our equipment so our inventory always includes brand new equipment for our customers. If you are concerned, we will be happy to show you the dates of manufacture on all of our equipment.

When are you open for business?

Our competitor’s website states: “Nevada’s ONLY Full Time Drop Zone!”

The truth is: Skydive Las Vegas is open 365 days a year, weather permitting. Skydive Las Vegas does not close for holidays and is the original, full-time Las Vegas skydiving center since 1993.

Have you had any injuries?

Our competitor’s website states: “We are the ONLY drop zone in Las Vegas:
To have NEVER had a major student injury or a fatality of any kind (be aware-some businesses lie about their safety record).”

The truth is: Skydive Las Vegas has never had any major student injuries or fatalities. However, skydiving can be dangerous and there is always a possibility of injury or even death. All professional skydivers will tell you that injuries do occasionally occur.

Skydive Las Vegas specializes in first-time tandem jumping, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This is not a job for us – it is our passion and full-time profession. We are not a part-time skydiving center and your safety is the absolute top priority.

Do you offer a free shuttle from the Las Vegas Strip?

Our competitors website states: “We are the ONLY drop zone in Las Vegas: to pick you up and to provide free transportation from the Strip to the drop zone.”

The truth is: Skydive Las Vegas does offer a free shuttle from the strip. We actually operate three new Chevy Express passenger shuttle vans equipped with DVD video and GPS navigation systems. We will transport you to and from Skydive Las Vegas in comfort and style.

Are you licensed by the United States Parachute Association (USPA)?

Our competitors website states: “Are you recommended by the United States Parachute Association?
A.) YES – in fact we are the ONLY drop zone in Nevada included in the USPA monthly magazine’ Parachutist.”

The truth is: Skydive Las Vegas has been a member of the USPA since 1993 and we are listed in the Parachutist Magazine. In addition, all of our instructors are licensed by the USPA as well.

Are spectators welcome to watch?

Our competitors website states: “We are the ONLY drop zone in Las Vegas:
to welcome spectators to watch as you enjoy all the fun!”

The truth is: Skydive Las Vegas welcomes all spectators. We have the largest and nicest skydiving facility in Nevada, complete with a large air-conditioned lobby, restrooms, HD television for your viewing pleasure, snack and soda machines, and a brand new Starbucks Coffee dispenser. Your friends and family can watch your entire experience from the time you check in until the time you jump out of the airplane and land in our landing area next to our facility. While you are flying to jump altitude your friends and family can wait in air-conditioned comfort until just before your jump. At that time our staff will escort them out front and point you out, as you jump out of the plane.

Do you offer free ground training?

Our competitors website states: “We are the ONLY drop zone in Las Vegas:
to provide free ground training to ALL first time jumpers.”

The truth is: At Skydive Las Vegas ground training is included in the cost of your skydive. This is true for just about every skydive center.

Who has the best weather?

Our competitors website states: “We have the best-reported weather conditions of any airport in Nevada.”

The truth is: This is Southern Nevada the weather is usually good. How do you prove which airport has the best weather?